Where can I buy a bus pass?

Bus passes may be purchased at the MET office at 1705 Monad Rd, at City Hall at 210 N. 27th, at Ticket Vending Machines at the Downtown Transfer Center and Stewart Park Transfer Center, and online by visiting the UMO website or by downloading the UMO smartphone app. Student bus passes may be purchased at School District 2 Middle and High schools during the school year.

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1. Where can I board the bus?
2. Where can I buy a bus pass?
3. How much does it cost to ride the bus?
4. Can the Bus Drivers make change?
5. What are your hours of service?
6. Where are the Transfer Centers located?
7. Are bus to bus transfers free?
8. Are the buses wheelchair accessible?
9. Does the bus go to the Airport?
10. Can I take my bike on the bus?
11. How old do I have to be to receive a senior citizen discount?
12. Is there bus service to Laurel and Lockwood?
13. Where is your office located?
14. How can I qualify for MET Plus?
15. Who determines if I will qualify for MET Plus service?
16. Once I qualify for MET Plus, how do I schedule a ride?
17. What are the hours that I can call to schedule a ride?
18. What hours does MET Plus operate?
19. How much does it cost for a ride on MET Plus?
20. How do I pay for MET-Plus service?
21. If I am certified to ride MET Plus, am I only able to go to and from doctor appointments?