Public Records Request - City Records and Documents

City Clerk - Public Records and Documents

The City Clerk's office is the office of record for many of the City's official documents.

The City Clerk maintains a legislative history of City Council actions and provides information to the public regarding City Council action and City records. 

Public records may be submitted via the following email address. Email - City Clerk
or it may be mailed or hand delivered to the address noted on the right.

Public Records Request Form (Fillable PDF)

The Billings City Attorney's Office handles
public records requests pertaining only to criminal and legal matters.  

The Billings Municipal Court Office handles 
public record requests pertaining only to the Billings Municipal Court.

  1. City Clerk

    Physical Address
    210 N. 27th St.
    PO Box 1178
    Billings, MT 59101

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 1178
    Billings, MT 59103

    Fax: (406) 657-8390