Network / PC Support

network image  by systemsintegrationasia
The Network Administrator leads a five-member team in supporting and maintaining mission-critical network infrastructure and enterprise-wide server based applications.


The Network Team takes great priding in providing reliable service in the following areas:
  • Network server support, including hardware and software updates, system backups, network management, troubleshooting, maintenance, and security
  • Management of the enterprise email system supporting more than 600 user accounts, including management of the enterprise spam / antivirus control systems and email archiving systems
  • Network infrastructure support of 20 remote sites connected via fiber, point-to-point, and Wi-Fi, DSL, and T1
  • Network support of virtual infrastructure, application servers, database servers, email servers, file and print servers, internet servers, and domain controllers throughout the organization
  • Website development and administration
  • Personal computer, hardware, and software support, including desktop PC’s, laptops, local and networked printers, scanners, external storage devices, mobile computers, etc.