Animal Control Board

  • Twice a year, or called as needed
  • Animal Shelter
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 For additional agendas and minutes or more information, contact Animal Control Supervisor Tom Stinchfield at (406) 657-8225.


John Scheuering
First term expires 12/31/24


Ronda Smith
First term expires 12/31/24

Arlyne Zarn
First term expires 12/31/25

Amanda Tiernan
First term expires 12/31/25


Pamela Barr
Term expires 12/31/25

*Cannot be reappointed when this term expires

There are five members who serve four-year terms.

Section 2-511-513

There is hereby created an Animal Control Board. The board shall be composed of five members who shall possess the qualifications for office required for the office of Mayor and shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council.


The Animal Control Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council and shall be for the purpose of providing citizens input to the policy decisions of the City Council. The primary responsibilities of the board are to:
  • Review existing and proposed City policies and to review City department activities to ensure that City policies are being implemented and carried out and further
  • Report any shortcomings and to make recommendations to the City Council in the formulation of programs and policies to improve among others the following areas of concern:
    • Operation of the City animal shelter and pound, including sanitation and financial efficiency
    • The humane disposition of all of the animals held in the animal shelter or pound
    • The formulation of policies, regulations, implementation and control of animals within the City
    • Solving the serious problem created by the uncontrolled reproduction of pet animals
    • Cooperate with other municipal, county and state governments