Billings Adult Municipal Treatment Court (BAMTC)


The Billings Adult Municipal Treatment Court (BAMTC) is a voluntary program comprised of a Drug Court, DUI court, and a Co-Occurring Court.  All three courts are a five phase intervention program for adults who have pled guilty and have drug, alcohol, or mental health related problems.

The BAMTC program is under the jurisdiction and is ran by Municipal Court Judge Sheila Kolar.  Other team members include; Police Officer, Probation Officer, Defense Attorney, Prosecuting Attorney, Treatment Coordinator, Case Manager, and Treatment Coordinator.

Working together, Judge Sheila Kolar and the BAMTC team are able to provide a variety of programs and consistent supervision aimed toward supporting each participant in maintaining a drug and alcohol free life. BAMTC requires court appearances, random drug and alcohol testing, a treatment program, a completed volunteer project, self-help meetings, and any other requirements deemed necessary by the team.

In order to get a referral going, please submit our referral form to the treatment court coordinator using the email address located at the top of the page. You can also manually send the form to our referrals e-mail address.


2722 3rd Ave North
Suite 205
Billings, MT  59101


Ph: (406) 657-3039
Fx: (406) 237-6290


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday