Code Enforcement

Planning and Community Services Department Customers,

 As we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Planning and Community Services is open and ready to serve you via phone, email and online, as well as walk-in customer service from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
If you do visit our offices, you will find:
Masks are optional for customers and staff in the common areas
Some services are available as appointment only – call 247-8676 for more info
Ø Some meetings will continue to be scheduled using phone or video conference

Code Enforcement Responsibilities  
The Code Enforcement Division is part of the Planning and Community Services Department and works in partnership with the citizens of Billings and Yellowstone County to promote and maintain a safe and attractive community.

The Division, in general, enforces:
  • Business regulations
  • Land use regulations
  • Nuisance codes
  • Sign codes
  • Specific parking regulations

These codes help preserve the health, safety, and quality of life within the City of Billings and Yellowstone County.

Code Enforcement Complaint Forms
Please use the following links to submit a complaint to City or County Code Enforcement:
Please report junk vehicles on the street to the Crime Prevention Center using this form or calling (406) 247-8590. 

Administrative Hours

Code Enforcement Clerk is available during the following hours:
  • Monday - Friday:  8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Officers Hours

  • CE Officer Punt will be on duty Monday through Thursday
  • CE Officer Morgan will be on duty Tuesday through Friday
  • CE Officer Glunt will be on duty Monday through Thursday
  • CE Office Gudmundson will be on duty Tuesday through Friday
  • CE Officer Simpson will be on duty Tuesday through Friday 
  • CE Officers are available to meet with complainants or clients by appointment only.
  • Appointments can be scheduled through CE Clerk.
  • Detailed written messages may be left for CE Officers at the Planning Department Receptionist desk and they will go investigate your concern or you may use the online complaint form available.


no picture_thumb_thumb.png (Section 24-406)
Do: Store your camper, trailer or boat in the back yard or properly store on the driveway; in the garage or at a storage facility.

Do Not: Use the City's on-street parking for storage of campers, trailers or boats in residential areas. 

Nuisance Weed Season 2022

The Nuisance weed season runs from May 1 until September 30.
Nuisance Weeds means: all weeds, grasses, noxious weeds, and untended vegetation growing in excess of twelve inches (12") in height located on any premises in the City.