GIS (Geographical Information System)

What-Is-Geographic-Information-Systems by GISGeography
The GIS (Geographical Information System) Team, lead by the GIS Coordinator, is responsible for collecting organizational data throughout our organization and facilitating the presentation of this data into meaningful spatial representations (a.k.a. maps).


In more detail, the GIS Team does an outstanding job of providing the following services to the City:
  • Collecting, developing, and maintenance of geospatial infrastructure data on an ongoing basis
  • Extracting selective data to fulfill ad-hoc requests for information (Results are presented in a variety of formats, such as maps, reports, graphs, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Providing GIS services to Public Safety, Planning, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Administration, Information Technology, and more
  • Collaborating with Yellowstone County GIS in areas of mutual interest such as streets, addressing, and parcel data