The Finance Department is responsible for the following items:

Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Budget:

The FY 2024 Proposed Budget document can be viewed here

Department presentations will be provided to City Council on May 1, 9,  15, 16 and June 5, and can be viewed online or in person.  

Procurement Protests:

Any bidder protests of award recommendations and/or bid specifications must be filed with the Purchasing Agent within seven (7) days of bid opening.

Upon receiving a written protest, the Purchasing Agent, with assistance from the Legal Department, determines if the protest has sufficient merit and if so, schedules an informal hearing with the protesting bidder and the user Department.

At this hearing, all parties discuss the basis of the protest and attempt to resolve the dispute based on fact. If the protesting party is not in agreement with the results of the informal hearing, they may appeal to the City Administrator. Ultimately, final decisions rest with the City Council.