Public Records Request - Legal or Criminal

The Billings City Attorney's Office handles public records requests (PRRs) pertaining only to criminal and legal matters.  In order to obtain public records, other than those of an auto accident, a Public Records Request (PRR) form must be completed and submitted.  In order to obtain records related to an auto accident or crash, please use the PRR Accident Form.

If your request pertains to another department or type of matter your request should be emailed directly to the City Clerk's Office.

Either completed City Attorney's PRR form can be faxed to (406) 657-3067, emailed to our office, or dropped off at our office which is located on the first floor of the City Hall building next to the Billings Police Department.

The processing time is usually two to three weeks. Once the records request is completed and available, you will be contacted, and the cost will be indicated at that time. Payment can be made only in the form of cash, check, or money order. For any cost in excess of $100, we will call you in advance, with an estimate, to obtain your approval to fulfill the request.


Montana statutes provide that public criminal justice information may be released without review by a court, but release of confidential criminal justice information (CCJI) is “restricted to criminal justice agencies, to those authorized by law to receive it, and to those authorized to receive it by a district court upon a written finding that the demands of individual privacy do not clearly exceed the merits of public disclosure.”  See §44-5-303(1), Montana Code Annotated (MCA).

If you are seeking CCJI, you must file a Petition with Yellowstone County District Court to obtain a Court Order releasing the information.

Billings Municipal Court processes public record requests pertaining only to the Billings Municipal Court records.

The City Clerk maintains a legislative history of City Council actions and provides information to the public regarding  City Council action and City records.