2014 Resolutions

Date Number Purpose Notes

INDEX 2014 Index
1/13/2014 14-10330 Authorizing filing of the annual FTA
Section 5307 Grant
FTA 5307 Grant
1/27/2014 14-10331 Authorizing MET Transit to apply for Section 5310 grant program for purchase of
Section 5310 Grant
1/27/2014 14-10332 Authorizing application of Land, Water and Conservation Funding to improve South Park Playground LWCF for South Park
1/27/2014 14-10333 Declaring emergency, waiving competitive bidding requirement, giving City Administrator authority to sign contracts for
repairs to Wastewater Treatment Plant
Emergency - WWTP repairs
2/10/2014 14-10334 Vacating a portion of Cove Creek Drive in Copper Ridge Sub, 2nd Filing. Copper Ridge Development Corp, petitioner Cove Creek Drive
2/10/2014 14-10335 Exchange of properties located within undeveloped area of Copper Ridge Subdivision, 2nd Filing with Copper Ridge Development Corp. Copper Ridge Sub
2/24/2014 14-10336 Adopting new MMIA Workers Compensation Program Agreements
2/24/2014 14-10337 Calling for an election on the necessity of Local Government Review and establishing a Study Commission Local Government Review
2/24/2014 14-10338 Assessing the cost of cutting and/or exterminating weeds Weed assessments
3/10/2014 14-10339 Approving $178,000 SID 1395 bonds, fixing the form and details SID 1395
3/10/2014 14-10340 Approving and adopting FY2013/2014 budget amendments budget amendments
3/24/2014 14-10341 W.O. 14-02, Misc. Improvements Program - Intent to construct & setting a public hearing for 4/14/14. WO 14-02
3/24/2014 14-10342 Vacating east 21.6 feet of Henesta Drive r/w on Lot 10, Block 2, Justiss Sub.; David and Barbara Hawkins, petitioners Henesta Drive vacation
3/24/2014 14-10343 Authorizing sale of 20-foot-wide strip of parkland between Lots 7 and 8, Block 4, Rehberg Ranch Estates Sub, 1st Filing Sale of Parkland
3/24/2014 14-10344 Assessing the cost of removing an unsafe tree at 1046 Harvard Tree Removal
3/24/2014 14-10345 Granting tax exemption to Billings Ventures, LLP, dba Big Horn Resort Tax Exemption
3/24/2014 14-10346 Granting tax exemption to Roscoe Steel dba True North Steel Tax Exemption
3/24/2014 14-10347 Granting tax exemption to FKCD LLP/360 Office Solutions, Inc. Tax Exemption
4/14/2014 14-10348 W.O. 14-02, Misc. Improvements Program - Ordering improvements WO 14-02
4/14/2014 14-10349 Establishing FY2015 Collection, Disposal & Landfill Fees effective 7/1/2014 Landfill Fees
4/14/2014 14-10350 Approving FY2015-2019 CIP, ERP, TRP CIP,TRP,ERP
4/14/2014 14-10351 - Part 1 W.O. 08-25, Zone 3 Chapple Reservoir Expansion - Approving $6,100,000 DNRC Bonds, Series 2014, fixing the form and details WO 08-25, DNRC Bonds
4/14/2014 14-10351 - Part 2 W.O. 08-25, Zone 3 Chapple Reservoir Expansion - Approving $6,100,000 DNRC Bonds, Series 2014, fixing the form and details WO 08-25 DNRC Bonds
4/28/2014 14-10352 Revising the 2012 Limits of Annexation Map Annexation Map
4/28/2014 14-10353 Approving Aquatic Fee Adjustments Aquatic Fees
4/28/2014 14-10354 Approving and Adopting FY2014 3rd Quarter Budget Amendments Budget Amendments
5/12/2014 14-10355 Establishing Mountview Cemetery Fees Cemetery Fees
5/27/2014 14-10356 Intent to Sell Lot 12, Block 4, Sunset Sub.Inte Sunset Sub
5/27/2014 14-10357 Annexing 19.5 Acres south of Grand Ave near intersection of Grand and 56th Street West; Regal Land Development, owner Annex #14-02
5/27/2014 14-10358 Authorizing Transfer of 1.76-acre Parkland identified in The Village Subdivision to Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System, Inc. Parkland Transfer
5/27/2014 14-10359 Adopting Fees Associated with Various Planning Division Services Planning Fees
5/27/2014 14-10360 Establishing Wastewater System Development Fee with Phillips 66 Billings Refinery SDF with Phillips 66 Billings Refinery
5/27/2014 14-10361 Adopting Water and Wastewater Rate Fee Schedule Adjustments effective July 1, 2014 Water/Wastewater Fees
6/9/2014 14-10362 Allocating $25,000 from FY14 Council Contingency Fund to FY15 PRPL Fund to complete planning and begin equipment acquisition for High Sierra Park disc golf course. High Sierra Disc Golf
6/9/2014 14-10363 Allocating $10,000 from FY14 Council Contingency Fund to FY15 PRPL Fund to help pay for Optimist Park Master Plan Optimist Park Master Plan
6/9/2014 14-10364 Annexing portion of Tract 2B, Corrected C/S 840, 2nd Amended, north of Kyhl Lane in Billings Heights addressed as 1880 and 1916 Hawthorne Lane Annex #14-01
6/9/2014 14-10365 Annual FY15 Street Maintenance Assessments Street Main. Fees
6/9/2014 14-10366 Annual FY15 Storm Sewer Assessments Storm Sewer Fees
6/9/2014 14-10367 Annual FY15 Arterial Construction Fees Arterial Const. Fees
6/9/2014 14-10368 Annual FY15 Business Improvement District Assessments BID
6/9/2014 14-10369 Annual FY15 Mill Levy Rates for General Fund, Transit, Library, Public Safety Funds Mill Levies
6/9/2014 14-10370 Annual FY15 Tourism Business Improvement District Assessments TBID
6/9/2014 14-10371 FY2015 City of Billings Budget Budget
6/23/2014 14-10372 Amending Loan Agreement for 1st Mortgage Housing Revenue Bond, Series 2004A and 2004B, for Rose Park Plaza Project Rose Park Plaza
6/23/2014 14-10373 Closing SID/Sidewalk Bond Debt Funds to SID Revolving Fund SID Revolving Fund
6/23/2014 14-10374 Approving and Adopting 4th Qtr Budget Amendments FY2013-2014 4th Qtr Budget Amend
7/14/2014 14-10375 Intent to Create SILMD 312 Within St. Vincent Healthcare Sub. SILMD 312
7/14/2014 14-10376 Intent to Create SILMD 313 Within Vintage Estates Sub., Phase 2 SILMD 313
7/14/2014 14-10377 Authorizing Issuance and Calling for Public Sale $395,000 Pooled S/W, Curb, Gutter and Alley Approach Bonds (WO 09-20 Rimrock Rd; and WO 13-02 Misc. Improvements) WO 09-20 & WO 13-02 Pooled Bonds
7/14/2014 14-10378 Financing $13,000,000 Storm Sewer System Improvements, and Establishing Compliance With Reimbursement Bond Regulations (WO 12-31 East End Industrial Area) WO 12-31 East End Industrial Area Storm Drain Bonds
7/14/2014 14-10379 Financing $65,000,000 WWTP Upgrades and Establishing Compliance With Reimbursement Bond Regulations (WO 14-11 WWTP Nutrient Upgrade Expansion and Improvements) WO 14-11 WWTP Nutrient Upgrade
7/14/2014 14-10380 Vacating Undeveloped Portion of Monroe St. North of Orrel St; Community & Leadership Development Inc, Petitioners Vacation of Portion of Monroe Street
7/14/2014 14-10381 Authorizing Sale of Lot 12, Block 4, Sunset Sub. (1146 Grand Ave) 1146 Grand Ave Sale
7/28/2014 14-10382 Providing assistance to BIRD with $3.1 million for storm water, water, and sewer improvements as part of the Exposition Gateway Infrastructure Plan BIRD
7/28/2014 14-10383 Amending Charter to provide a permanent mill levy to fund Fire, Police, 911 Dispatch Services to vote of people on 11/4/2014. Public Safety Levy
7/28/2014 14-10384 Authorizing exchange of Cynthia Park in Yerger Heights Sub for parkland in Mont Vista Sub, 1st Filing Cynthia Park
8/11/2014 14-10385 Approving $395,000 Pooled Special Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter and Alley Approach Bonds, Series 2014, fixing form and detail Pooled Sidewalk Bonds
8/11/2014 14-10386 Creating SILMD 312, St. Vincent Healthcare Sub SILMD 312
8/11/2014 14-10387 Creating SILMD 313, Vintage Estates Sub SILMD 313
8/25/2014 14-10388 Setting Tax Year 2014 Mill Levy Rates for Public Safety II Fund, GO Debt Service Parks, GO Debt Service Streets, GO Debt Service Library, and GO Debt Service Series A Baseball Stadium Mill Levy Rates 2014
8/25/2014 14-10389 Annexing 12 acres south of Elysian Road west of Josephine Crossing Sub.; Roman Catholic Bishop of Great Falls, owner; McCall Development, agent. Annex #14-04
9/8/2014 14-10390 Annexing 69 acres on the west side of Shiloh Road at the northwest corner of Shiloh Crossing Blvd and South Shiloh Road; City of Billings, owner. Annex #14-03
9/8/2014 14-10391 Pending
9/8/2014 14-10392 Adopting annual SILMD assessments for FY2015 SILMD Assessments
9/8/2014 14-10393 Spreading assessments for Boca Raton Road improvements SID 1395
9/8/2014 14-10394 Spreading assessments for sidewalks along Rimrock Road from Forsythia to Shiloh (W.O. 09-20) Rimrock Road Sidewalks
9/8/2014 14-10395 Spreading assessments for sidewalk, curb, and gutter improvements in various areas throughout the City W.O. 13-02
9/22/2014 14-10396 Approving and adopting Month 13 Budget Amendments for FY2013/2014 Budget Amendments
9/22/2014 14-10397 Reducing arterial construction fee assessments for certain commercially-zoned and RMH-zoned parcels. Arterial Construction Fee
9/22/2014 14-10398 Setting Park District 1 assessments for Tax Year 2014 Park District 1
9/22/2014 14-10399 Assessing Park Maintenance Districts for Tax Year 2014 PMD
9/22/2014 14-10400 Assessing the cost of cutting and/or exterminating weeds. Exterminating weeds
9/22/2014 14-10401 Assessing the annual fee for encumbrances, obstructions, or encroachments for city property Encumbrances
9/22/2014 14-10402 Assessing the cost of abatement for property located at 3310 1st Avenue South Property Abatement
10/14/2014 14-10403 Allocating $2,000 Council Contingency Funds for North Elevation Residential Historic District Council Contingency
10/27/2014 14-10404 Intent to Create downtown Business Improvement District 001 and set a public hearing for November 24, 2014 Downtown BID
10/27/2014 14-10405 Approving and adopting 1st Quarter Budget Amendments for FY2014/2015 Budget Amendments
11/10/2014 14-10406 Intent to create SID 1397 - Treasure Drive from Donna Drive to City High Ditch; and set public hearing for December 8, 2014. SID 1397
11/10/2014 14-10407 Annexing 2.5 acres located at 659 Lincoln Lane; Lary and Judy Garrison, owners. Annex #14-05
11/10/2014 14-10408 Vacating a slope easement along Lot 21-A-2, Block 39, Lake Hills Subdivision, 12th Filing; Clint Kegal owner and petitioner Slope easement vacation
11/10/2014 14-10409 Relating to GO Refunding Bonds, Series 2014 - Dehler Park GO Refunding Bonds
11/24/2014 14-10410 Authorizing participation in Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative and approving policies regarding Municipal Securities Disclosure Municipal Securities Disclosure
11/24/2014 14-10411 Intent to Create SID 1382, Colton Blvd between 38th St. West and Zimmerman Trail; and set public hearing date of December 15, 2014. SID 1382
11/24/2014 14-10412 Creating Downtown Business Improvement District No. 0001 Downtown BID
12/8/2014 14-10413 Vacating a portion of 7th Avenue South adjacent to Lots 9 thru 12, Block 221, 2nd Addition, near the intersection of S. 35th Street and 7th Avenue South; City of Billings, Petitioner 2nd Addition ROW Vacation
12/8/2014 14-10414 Creating SID 1397 - paving Treasure Drive from Donna Drive to City High Ditch SID 1397
12/15/2014 14-10415 Annexing 1.6 acres located on the northwest corner of Shiloh Road and Central Avenue; Leland and Lorraine Wells, owners Annex #14-13
12/15/2014 14-10416 Creating SID 1382, Colton Blvd. improvements between 38th Street West and Zimmerman Trail SID 1382