Public Works Board


  • 12:00 noon, fourth Wednesday of every other month (January, March, May, July, September, and November)
  • Public Works Administration, 2251 Belknap Avenue
  • 7 members, 4-year term

Interested in applying for the Public Works Board? Please feel free to download an application.

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Travis Jones
Second term expires 12/31/25*


Aaron Redland
First term expires 12/31/25

Kevin Christofanelli
First term expires 12/31/28

Carole Boerner
First term expires 12/31/26

Kennard Behling
First term expires 12/31/28


Troy Smith
First term expires 12/31/26

Nicole Cromwell

Second term expires 12/31/28*


Section 2-580. Created.

There is hereby created a public works board. Sec. 2-581. Composition, appointment. The Public Works Board shall be composed of five (5) seven (7) members. Sec. 2-582. Powers and duties.

The Public Works Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the city with respect to all aspects of Public Works. The board may recommend to the city the adoption of such rates, fees, and charges as it may deem just and proper, subject to other requirements and provisions imposed by law. In addition, the board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all aspects of traffic control. The purpose of the board is to provide citizen input to the policy decisions of the City Council. The primary responsibilities of the board are to review the existing and proposed city policies and to review the city department activities to ensure that city policies are being implemented and carried out and further to report any shortcomings and to make recommendations to the City Council.