I am the victim of a crime. How do I get information about the case?

Misdemeanors offenses that are committed inside the City limits are prosecuted by the Billings City Attorney’s Office, which are handled in Billings Municipal Court. These cases are investigated by the Billings Police Department. The website is as follows: Victim-Services-Information . The Billings City Attorney’s Office phone number is (406) 657-8205. All misdemeanors that are committed outside of the City limits but still in Yellowstone County, such as Lockwood, Shepherd, Huntley/Worden, Custer, and even some locations inside of the city limits, such as the Metra or certain parks, are handled in Justice Court and are prosecuted by the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office. These cases are investigated by various law enforcement agencies such as the Montana Highway Patrol, Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office, Fish & Game, and Motor Carrier Services. The County Attorney’s Office also handles any and all felony crimes committed in all of Yellowstone County. The phone number for the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office is (406) 256-2870. The website is as follows: Yellowstone County Attorney  The Laurel City Attorney’s Office prosecutes misdemeanor criminal offenses that occur within the city limits of Laurel. These cases are handled in Laurel City Court. The phone number for the Laurel City Attorney’s Office is (406) 259-8611.  Laurel, MT - City Attorney 

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4. I am the victim of a crime. How do I get information about the case?
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