Do I have medical coverage in a foreign country?
When you are in a foreign country and need services, you will most likely need to pay for your services. Hospitals in foreign lands do not always coordinate with our insurance coverages here at home.
To submit your bill to your plan for reimbursement, you will be responsible for having your statements and the medical records that may be required translated to English and your costs converted to American dollars. This will be at your expense, as the plan will not provide these services to you. Reimbursement will never be more than the cost of the same care, had it been given by your plan. Care for urgent situations where treatment could not have been reasonably delayed until you return to the United States may be reimbursed if you gain authorization from CARE LINK at (800) 777-3575 prior to services being received. Inpatient care not pre-approved by your plan may not be covered or may be covered at the lower benefit level.

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