Bicycle Facilities and Markings

There are many different facilities and treatments used in the Billings area to better facilitate a safer and more predictable user experience for the traveling public. Here are the more common facilities:

Multi-Use Trails

Trails.jpg Multi-use trails, also referred to as "shared-use pathways", provide a low-stress environment for walking, bicycling, jogging, walking the dog and many other activities that are separate from motor-vehicle traffic.
They are the backbone of the bicycle network and an extension of the on-street facilities, but not an alternative to them.

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Bike Lanes

Bike Lane.jpg Bike lanes facilitate predictable movements and travel behavior through the designation of a lane for the exclusive use of people riding bicycles. They are frequently located adjacent to motor vehicle lanes, safely flowing in the same direction.

According to Montana law, MCA 61-8-328, "A motor vehicle may not be driven or parked in a bicycle lane that is signed and delineated as a bicycle lane by official traffic control devices."

Buffered Bike Lanes

buffered bike lane billings montana Buffered bike lanes are bike lanes with a designated area to separate the bicycles from motor vehicles. They provide a greater distance between a bicycle and motor vehicle, provide a space for passing and increase a sense of perceived safety.
These treatments generally appeal to a wider cross section of bicycle users over conventional bike lanes.
Shared Lane Markings

shared_lane_marking.jpg Shared lane markings, or "sharrows", are not a facility type, but a pavement marking. They are used to inform the public to the potential presence of people riding bicycles in a shared lane.

They require no additional street space, provide wayfinding and reduce the risk of wrong-way riding. They may designate positioning or be installed center lane to reduce maintenance.

The Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices provides guidance on their installation.

For a more comprehensive visual exploration of bicycle facilities, visit the NACTO Urban Bikeways Design Guide.

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