Walking Route Maps For Billings Elementary Schools

The walking route maps below were created by the City of Billings Engineering Division. A map was created for each of the 22 elementary schools in Billings. 

Please note, this information is provided for informational purposes only. Street, traffic control devices, and route conditions are subject to change. City of Billings assumes no liability for the information provided. Please continually review your selected route.  

Cover Sheet for All Schools
Cover Sheet

Available School Walking Maps
Scroll down to see the walking map of your school
 Alkali Creek Arrowhead
 Beartooth  Bench
 Big Sky  Bitterroot
 Boulder  Broadwater
 Burlington Central Heights
 Eagle Cliffs Highland
McKinley Meadowlark
Miles Avenue Newman
Orchard Poly Drive
Ponderosa Rose Park
Sandstone Washington

Alkali Creek School Map

Arrowhead School Map

Beartooth School Map

Bench Elementary School

Big Sky School Map

Bitterroot School Map

Boulder School Map

Broadwater School Map

Burlington School Map

Central Heights School Map

Eagle Cliffs School Map

Highland School Map

McKinley School Map

Meadowlark School Map

Miles Ave. School Map

Newman School Map

Orchard School Map

Poly Drive School Map

Ponderosa School Map

Rose Park School Map

Sandstone School Map

Washington School Map

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