Bicycles Mean Business

Bicycles and bicycle facilities are great for businesses, employees, and customers! Studies have shown replacing on-street parking with a bike lane has little to no impact negative impact on local business and in some cases increases revenues.

People who ride bikes for utilitarian purposes tend to shop a little different. They spend less per trip but make more trips per month adding up increased business over the same time compared with those who arrive by private automobile.  
Bicycles are good for business because...

◦They can increase revenues through new local markets, tourism potential and recruitment of a talented and creative workforce.

◦They help foster a sense of community and camaraderie in the workplace

◦ They enhance health and wellness benefits and reduce costs on healthcare

◦They reduce absenteeism and catalyze a more alert, active, productive workforce

◦They help cut transportation spending by your business, individuals, and the community

◦They showcase your social responsibility, a commitment to sustainability and reducing your environmental footprint