Bicycle Parking

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Providing safe and convenient bicycle parking is important and frequently overlooked. We encourage both short and long term bicycle parking to ensure places to park for people who arrive by bike. Bicycle parking provides additionalBillings Bicycle Parking parking and reduces the number of bicycles locked to signs, railings, trees and other furniture. 

Bicycle Parking Guidelines


Designed to advise consistent bicycle parking. Our guidelines cover short term, long term and right-of-way bicycle parking. Click here to download our guidelines and see them in higher resolution. 


Other Quick Information

Long Term bicycle Parking
  • On site or no more than 300 feet from site
  • In a secure location, such as:
    • A locked room
    • Within 100 feet of attendant or guard
    • A fenced area with locked gate
    • An area monitored by security camera
    • An area visible by employees
Get Involved
If you would like to learn more about bicycle parking, provide feedback or have general questions, please contact:

Elyse Monat, Active Transportation Planner