Billings Bike Plan

cover bikeway and trails master plan

Billings Area Bikeway and Trails Master Plan

This document provides a long-term vision for active transportation in the Billings area. This plan covers a wide variety of considerations, including:

  • Proposed bikeway and trails network
  • Bicycle parking recommendations
  • Recommended education and outreach programs
We recommend you take a look through this exciting document! It's a large document, so this page will help get you started.

Proposed Bikeway and Trails Network

Billings Base Map Recommendations

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Bicycle Parking Recommendations

The bike plan recommends adherence to the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals' Essentials of Bike Parking (2015). Our current bike parking guidelines reflect this recommendation. If you would like to inquire about bicycle parking, email or visit our bike parking page

Other Considerations

The bike plan covers a wide range of topics, from those mentioned above to outreach programs and bicycle detection and signals. Outreach programs highlighted in the plan include Bike Month celebrations, a Lights On! campaign, road user respect campaigns and much more.

It also provides guidance towards adequately accommodating bicycles at traffic signals with methods including actuating signal detectors to recognize a bicycle and changing the length of certain phases. Overall, this plan shows how Billings can become more bicycle friendly and it will take support of the community for full implementation.
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