The 5 Cs of Women's Bicycling

bike party.jpgThe League of American Bicyclists identifies five areas of focus when looking at how to increase the number of women riding bikes.

The 5 Cs of women's bicycling are:
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Confidence
  • Consumer Products
  • Community

The 5 Cs of Women's



Comfort relates to making riding a bike safe and inviting. A 2009 study reveals comfort is the biggest determinant of bicycling for women.


Many American women believe they simply can't accomplish their daily tasks on a bike. Programs like bike shares make riding a bike a practical transportation option.


Women want to feel confident in their bicycling skills. Nearly 20% of respondents of the 2010 Women Cycling Survey said a bike repair class would help them bike more.

Consumer Products

Women represent 60% of bicycle owners aged 17-28 years old. However, only 2 of the top 15 largest American bike brands are led by women.


Women cover the full spectrum of riding styles and motivations. According to the Princeton Survey Research Associates national poll, 42% of American women say having people to ride with would encourage them to ride more.
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