Zone Changes


City Zone Change and County Zone Change amend the Unified Zoning Regulations or the official map and can only be amended by the governing bodies for the City or the County. In making recommendations for the governing bodies, Planning Staff and the Zoning Boards and Commissions must consider whether the zoning or rezoning meet the following criteria:

  • Whether the new zoning is designed in accordance with the growth policy;
  • Whether the new zoning is designed to secure from fire and other dangers;
  • Whether the new zoning will promote public health, public safety and general welfare;
  • Whether the new zoning will facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements;
  • Whether the new zoning will provide adequate light and air;
  • Whether the new zoning will affect motorized and nonmotorized transportation;
  • Whether the new zoning will promote compatible urban growth;
  • Whether the new zoning considers the character of the district and the peculiar suitability of the property for particular uses;
  • Whether the new zoning will conserve the value of buildings; and
  •  Whether the new zoning will encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the City.

Hearings and Approval

 The City Zoning Commission and County Zoning Commission holds a public hearing and forwards their recommendation for approval or denial to the appropriate governing body. Zone Changes require two readings by the governing body and in the City are not effective until 30 days following final approval. 


To apply for the Zone Change you will do this through Citizen Access 

  1. Select “New User” to register your email address (if you do not already have a login).
  2. Log back in and select “Create Personal Account” from the green buttons on the left.
  3. Then select “Apply for Project”.
  4. When filling out the application, the permit (project) type will be “PZX-XXXXX” (ZONE CHANGE-CITY (OR COUNTY) COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL)
  5. HINT: For the address, ONLY add the street number (ex 123) and the street name (ex Main) but DO NOT add the suffix (ex St, Rd or Ave), then hit SEARCH in the left corner, before you hit next.
  6. Once you hit FINISH, then you will go to the “home” page and select “Pay Fees” from the green buttons.
  7. You will need to upload the following attachments;
      • Application completed & signed by property owner (City ZC Application Forms)  (County ZC Application Forms)
      • Site Plan
      • Answer the following questions:
        1.  What reasons prevent you from using this property in conformance with the Zoning Regulation requirements?
        2.  Why is there a need for the intended use of the property at this location?
      • Prepare a written statement addressed to the Chairperson of the Zoning Commission. State what is intended to be done with the property, including new construction or change in the use of the property, and why the zone change is being sought.

       8.  Dimensioned site plan; one full size, and one reduced.  1”= 40’ Scale.  If applicable, site plan must include;

      1. North arrow.
      2. The locations and dimensions of all vehicular points of ingress and egress, drives, alleys, and off-street parking spaces.
      3. Illustrate lot size showing lot line dimensions.
      4. The locations and dimensions of all existing and proposed buildings, structures, and improvements including those to be removed.  Please label all information.
      5. Show setbacks from all property lines for existing and proposed buildings.
      6. Show the centerline of major and minor arterial streets.
      7. Illustrate the square footage of existing and proposed buildings and structures.
      8. Names and locations of adjacent streets, alleys, properties, etc.
      9. Illustrate the height of any proposed structures.
      10. Other pertinent features.

Photographs may be submitted and are often helpful. They should be of a size adequate to show the nature of the property.

The radius map showing all property which lies within 150 feet (or more) of the exterior boundaries of the subject property (Provided by Staff)

    • Along with the above map showing all property which lies within 150 feet (or more) of the exterior boundaries of the subject property; 
    • Obtain a certified list of names and addresses of the owners of all property shown within the radius on the map as provided by the Planning & Community Services Department.
    • The certified list and map.
    • This list of names and mailing addresses placed on gummed mailing labels typed or neatly printed.

Please use the checklist to ensure you have a complete application submittal and upload with your required documents.  

(City ZC Checklist)  (County ZC Checklist)

We will start reviewing your request once payment has been received. Please call us at (406) 657-8247 if you have any issues with this portal.  Once this is complete you can contact the Planning Office to set up your pre-application submittal review. We can do the review over the phone or in a virtual format.