Zoning Permit and Application Packets


Notice to Zone Change and Special Review applicants;

As we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Planning and Community Services would like to inform applicants and agents the format allowance for Preapplication Neighborhood Meetings has changed.  Meetings are required to be held n person, within a 2-mile radius of the property.  In addition to an in-person meeting, applicants may also offer an option for participants to join the Pre-Application meeting virtually.


The Planning Division reviews applications for Fence Permits, Master Site Plan, Temporary Use Permits, Zoning Compliance Permits, Sign Permits, Temporary Sign Permits, Short Term Rental Application and Zoning Clarification requests for the City and County within the Zoning Jurisdictional area. 

  Step by Step Online Permit Application Guide

Permit Applications

Administrative Relief Application

Fence Permit Application

Fence Regulations

City Master Site Plan Review Application

County Master Site Plan Review Application

Short Term Rental Application

Short Term Rental Regulations

Sign Permit-Apply Online

Sign Regulations(City)

Sign Regulations(County)

Temporary Use Permit Application

Temporary Use Regulations

Temporary Sign Permit Application

 Zoning Compliance Permit Application (County only)

Zoning Applications

Applications for zone changes, special reviews and variances are obtained from the Planning Office. Submittal deadlines are the first working day of each month. Each application is reviewed by staff and the property is posted prior to the public hearing before the appropriate board or commission. Legal advertisements for the public hearings are placed in the Yellowstone County News Times at least 15 days in advance of the date of the public hearing.


All applications need to be submitted via the Citizen Access Portal. To better serve you, we are excited to roll out electronic submittal of all permits and projects. Citizen Access Online allows vendors with a current business license the convenience of viewing and applying for Zoning Applications and paying fees with a credit card online.

To create an account to access City services and utilize the electronic permit and application submittal tools currently available within the Planning Division,  access the Citizen Access Portal at:  Citizen Access Online

Required Uploads

  Zoning Application Packets 

City Variance 
County Variance 
City Zone Change
County Zone Change
Special Review City

Special Review County