Current Zoning Applications

Received March, 2023, for April Public Hearings. 

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City Zoning Commission

City Special Review 996 – 1010 Grand Avenue – Request to increase the height of a wireless communication facility (WCF) – A special review request to allow a 30-foot WCF height increase for an existing facility located at 1010 Grand Avenue, in a Corridor Mixed Use 1 (CMU1) zone district, on Lot 1A of Sunset Sub, 4th Filing and 7th Filing Amended, a .47 acre parcel of land. The lease area for the WCF is south of the principal structure and has an existing height of 46 feet. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on February 22, 2023. Tax ID: A16683 View PDF here

City Board of Adjustment

Return Item- City Variance 1361 – Angel Oak Lane, The Timbers Sub – Attached Garage Location Entry – A variance from Section 27-307, Table 27-300.6, A11 (Attached Garage Location and Entrance) to allow attached garage space in the front half of structures and allow the garage entrance to face the street frontage, in a Mixed Residential 1 (NX1) zone, on Lots 1 through 27 of Block 1, The Timbers Subdivision (final plat pending). The total area affected is 4.9 acres of land. Tax ID: D05250 (part) View PDF here

City Variance 1363 – 636 Key City Drive – Residential use on the ground floor in the front 30 feet in a re-built – A variance request from Section 27-1002, and Table 27-1000.1 requiring any residential use in a CMU1 zone district be located at least 30 feet behind the front facade, on the East ½ of Lot 10, Block 1 Key City Subdivision, a 9,618 sf parcel of land. The variance would allow the owner to re-build a severely damaged residential structure without building a mixed use structure. Tax ID: C00709   View PDF here

City Variance 1364 – 315 Cody Circle – Rear Yard Location, Rear Setback, Building Height, and Minimum Separation from Principal Structure – A variance from Section 27-305, Table 27-300.4 – A.7 (Rear Yard Location for Accessory Building), A.8 (Minimum Rear Setback of 3 feet), B.13 (Height of Accessory Structure), and Section 27-1803 (Detached accessory structure Requires 6-foot minimum separation) in an N2 zone district on Lot 27, Block 11, Meadowlark Subdivision, a 12,840 sf parcel of land. If approved, the variance will allow an existing detached accessory to remain in place. Tax ID: C08098 View PDF here

City Variance 1365 – 6410/6412 Southern Bluffs Lane – Location of Garage and Garage Entry – A variance from Section 27-308, Table 27-300.7 – A.11 (Attached garage location and garage entry location) in an NX2 zone district to allow an attached garage in the front half of the proposed structure and a street front garage entry, on Lot 6, Block 1, Falcon Ridge Estates, 2nd Filing on an 11,402 sf parcel of land. Tax ID: A35151. View PDF here

Appeal 23-01 – 918 Howard Avenue – Appeal the Determination that corrugated steel is not a commonly used fence material and the structure in question is not a fence – The Zoning Coordinator, in cooperation with the Code Enforcement Division made the determination that corrugated steel is not a commonly used fence material in a residential zone is relation to the fence re-constructed at 918 Howard Avenue (BMCC Section 27-1209.E.1). The property owner now appeals such determination. The property is legally described as Lots 37 & 38, Block 18 of Broadwater Subdivision and is zoned N1-First Neighborhood. Tax ID: A03641 View PDF here

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County Zoning Commission

There were no zone change or special review applications received. The April Zoning Commission hearing has been cancelled.


County Board of Adjustment

There were no variance applications received. The April  BOA hearing has been cancelled.

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Special Zoning District #21

A public meeting will be held on December 12, 2022 at 5:30 pm Canyon Creek School located at 3139 Duck Creek Rd, Billings, MT 59101. Interested citizens and landowners should attend this meeting. The purpose of this meeting will be to formally kick off the drafting phase for regulations for the area within Special Zoning District 21. City/County Planning Staff will provide an overview of landowner responsibilities and anticipated milestones. Further, landowners in the district will be asked to formally create a working committee of 5-7 members and establish a schedule for committee meetings. 

Click HERE for more information regarding Special Zoning District 21.

Land use contrary to zoning

Land Use Contrary to Zone (LUCZ) No. 2 – Metra Park Lower and Expo Pavilion Parking Lot – Re-build of parking area without restoration of landscaping  – Metra Park intends to rehabilitate the lower parking lot and the parking in front of the Expo Pavilion to include new paving, storm drainage and lighting. The project does not include installation of the required parking lot or street frontage landscaping. All parking lots and developments with street frontage require landscaping. The property is located in a Public 3 – Civic Campus (P3) zone district at 308 6th Ave North. A project that replaces an existing development is normally required to comply with site development standards for landscaping. This is in code Section 27-1100 (Proportionate Compliance), Section 27-1500 (Nonconformities) and 27-1200 (Landscaping) of the Yellowstone County Zoning Regulations adopted in December 2020. The Metra Park parcel is legally described as an unplatted parcel in Section 27 and Section 34, Township 1 North, Ranger 26 East of approximately 152.47 acres. The project area is a 6.75 acre area within the Metra property.   View PDF here