Sign Permit Information

The Planning Division receives and processes sign permit applications.  Staff ensures signs meet our Municipal Code requirements and Sign Regulations through the review and permitting process. 

Wall Sign Area and how max area is applied. 

Alterations clarification in definition.

Sign Permits are required in the City of Billings and in the zoning areas around the City limits.  Each property owner is responsible for proper permitting, installation, and maintenance of all signs on their property.  All signs and their supporting structures must be placed on private property and outside of the public right-of-way.  Exceptions to this rule are for awning and sidewalk signs in the Central Business District, (CBD), and the East Billings Urban Renewal District, (EBURD).

For information on political signs in the City of Billings click here: Political Campaign Sign Regulations

NOTE: Separate permits obtained from the Building Division are required for electrical installations and hookups. 

Sign Compliance

The Code Enforcement Division investigates sign compliance issues on a complaint basis.  If there is a sign violation you would like to report, please fill out the Commercial Code complaint form here.  Complaints are investigated in the order they are received.

Digital Application and Review Process
 Required Application Attachments:

  • A site plan of property showing frontages, setbacks, sign location, building location
  • Detailed Sketch of Sign Structure with dimensions, height, type of construction, footing, method of attachment, and electrical information
  • Electronic Messaging Signs Only: Certification of Owner/Operator of E-Sign


Citizen Access allows vendors with a current business license the convenience of viewing permits, applying for permits online and paying fees with a credit card. We are looking forward to serving you online!


View Permits and follow these steps.
1. Click Public Access button on the left
2. Click Permits button on the left
3. Choose the search type, and enter the Address or Application/Permit Number


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CREATE AN ACCOUNT: Register to set up an online account  to create a (log-on id) and manage multiple permits. Register to create your id and password and begin using this convenient service.

This page is intended to provide general information. For additional help related to signs and sign permitting, contact us at 406-247-8676 or E-Mail