Special Reviews

City & County Reviews

Special Reviews for the City and the County are required in situations where the proposed use may or may not be appropriate in a particular district. For example, the location, the nature of the proposed use, the character of the surrounding development, traffic capacities of adjacent streets, and potential environmental effects indicate when the development should be individually reviewed.


A special review assures that the proposed uses are compatible with their locations and the surrounding land uses. Typical uses that require special reviews include:

  • Churches in residential zones
  • Retirement centers in residential zones
  • Telecommunications facilities, e.g., cell towers
  • Car Wash facility
  • Day care centers in residential zones
  • Liquor licenses and outdoor patios 
  • Businesses with a drive through service


The City or County Zoning Commission may recommend measures to lessen the impact of the use on the surrounding property by requiring screening, special lighting, restrictions in business hours and landscaping, for example. The Zoning Commission recommendation is sent to the governing body that makes the final decision.