Zoning Information


The city and some areas of Yellowstone County are divided into zoning districts. Zoning districts are used to control the use,  placement, spacing and size of land and buildings. The city and county Zoning Regulations outline the requirements for each zoning district. We oversee the Billings Zoning Regulations and Yellowstone County Zoning Regulations. We also administer Special Zoning Districts in Yellowstone County.

You can view the Municipal Code here.

The Planning Division also reviews Fence Permit, Zoning Clarification requests, City Master Site Plan, Temporary Use Permits, County Master Site Plan, County Zoning Compliance Permits and Sign Permits. Planning staff also checks all new building permits within the city for conformance with zoning.

Special Zoning Districts

 District 12  District 17 
 District 14  District 18 
 District 15  District 20 
 District 16 Broadview

City of Billings Zoning Map

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