Junk Cars


Inoperable and abandoned cars in our neighborhoods damage our quality of life. The City and County Unified Zoning Regulations require the enclosed storage of all inoperable vehicles, including vehicles with expired plates.

City Code also requires every vehicle parked or stored on a City right-of-way to move, safely under its own power, at least once every five days. Inoperable, unlicensed, or abandoned vehicles may be towed by the Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit.

To report an abandoned/ junk or RV (drivable) vehicle on the street please use BPD's online reporting system or call Crime Prevention Center at  406-247-8590.  

Retrieving a Towed Car

The owner may retrieve his or her car within 30 days by contacting the Police Department at (406) 657-8200 to identify the tow company that removed the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle must then contact the tow company and pay towing and other charges against the vehicle.