County Code Enforcement

County Code Enforcement is a complaint-based response program for violations of land use and public nuisance regulations. Complainants must leave their name and contact information. No anonymous complaints will be accepted.

After a field investigation, Yellowstone County's Code Enforcement Officer will determine compliance or noncompliance with County codes. Each compliant is processed as quickly as possible. Properties in violation are generally allowed a minimum of 30 days to achieve compliance.

Yellowstone County has adopted two major regulations that help maintain the integrity of county communities and town sites.
  • The Unified Zoning code jurisdiction includes an area within 4 1/2 miles of the Billings City limits. This area has regulations concerning land uses, building setbacks, storage and parking of vehicles, and general property maintenance. 
  • The Community Decay ordinance applies to nuisance conditions on any part of a property that can be seen from a public right-of-way, including the storage of inoperable or junk vehicles, vacant or abandoned buildings, or the accumulation of trash and debris.

Special Zoning District regulations are also enforced by Yellowstone County. 

Please click on the following link for information on Yellowstone County's Junk Vehicle Division.