Graffiti means any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, painting, or other defacement on any surface of public or private property that was not authorized in advance by the owner. Authorized graffiti may also be deemed a nuisance by the City Council.

Responsible Parties

Owner or responsible party means any person who alone, jointly, or severally with others:
  • Has legal or equitable interest in real or personal property including but not limited to tenants or lessees
  • Acts as the agent of a person having a legal or equitable interest in real or personal property Graffiti Vandalism Ordinance brochure

Graffiti Victim Assistance

If you have been targeted by graffiti vandalism there is help available!

The following local retailers are offering discounts on paint products to help you remove graffiti
  • Kings Ace Hardware: 15% - 4170 State Ave and 2264 Central Ave
  • Billings Hardware: 15% - 3175 Grand Ave
  • Home Depot: 10% - 2784 King Ave West

Please click here for more information on how to take advantage of these discounts.