EPISODE 1: The Basics

Episode 1: 

LT Brandon Wooley and Chief Rich St. John discuss policing, operations, crime, community issues, and 
agency transparency from a 10,000 foot view. This first podcast sets the foundation of the organization 
and forms the jumping off point for future podcasts to peel layers back and dive deeper into the BPD and 
community issues. A great listen to learn more about the BPD.

Check out Episode 1 here!


EPISODE 2: Downtown, Part 1

Episode 2: 

In this episode Downtown Billings Association (DBA) Officer Brad Mansur and local business owner Sean
Graves sit down with LT Wooley to discuss downtown issues, partnerships, enforcement challenges,
quality of life issues, transients, and the overall perception of downtown safety compared to reality.

Check out Episode 2 here!


EPISODE 3: Downtown, Part 2

Episode 3: 

In this episode we follow up on Downtown: Part 1 by sitting down with County Commissioner Denis 
Pitman and Sergeant Shane Winden, aka "Shane the Cop." The discussion digs a little deeper into the 
downtown issues in regards to homelessness, quality of life, mental health, substance abuse, and 
available resources in the community.

Check out Episode 3 here!