Presentation Requests

Submit a presentation request.

Many presentations require a meeting place, a computer with power point, and means of displaying the presentation, which are the responsibility of those requesting the presentation. The Officer will present anywhere in the Billings area and will have a thumb drive if required for the presentation.

Types of Presentations Offered by the CPC

· “Active Shooter” is the most requested presentation. In about one hour, we will discuss the history, current conditions, and trends of active shooters in the US. We’ll explain the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT model and what type of emergency response to expect. This training can be basic or expanded to include firing of blank ammunition, basic fighting techniques, and emergency medical considerations. A power point is required for this presentation. 

· The “Effects of alcohol” is geared toward youth at the middle school level. An Officer will discuss how alcohol effects our organs and the reactions after consumption. There is also discussion about the legal consequences of under-age drinking and over consumption. This presentation usually last 30-45 minutes depending on questions. A power point is required for this presentation. 

· “Personal safety” could also be titled, how not to be a victim. This presentation is only about 30 minutes and is designed to remind ourselves that we have a role in our own safety. Anyone can benefit from this common sense approach that is geared toward any age group. No power point used for this presentation. 

· “Robbery training” is designed for bank, casino, or convenience store employees. This is a factual look at trends seen from previous robberies and attempts to prepare employees for this possibility. No power point used for this presentation. 

· “Signs of drug culture” was intended for anyone who works with youth and is in position to see the tell-tale indications of potential drug use. The presenter will have drugs and paraphernalia along with a power point. 

· “Current Law enforcement in Billings” is our attempt at a State-of-the-union discussion. This is an opportunity to find out about the capabilities and limitations of your Police Department. We’ll discuss outside influences and where we hope to be in the future. This is an honest discussion with about what’s going on in your city. No power point is necessary. 

· “Coffee with a Cop” is for those times when you just want to have an Officer come and answer a few questions, or address a particular concern. More of an open conversation, than a formal presentation, this is an opportunity to have a discussion at your business, our crime prevention office, a neighborhood coffee shop. No power point is necessary. 

· “Youth tours” are provided to groups of 15-50 kids at our training facility located south of I-90, just off South Billings Blvd., at 4810 Midland Rd. These tours are generally for youth groups, but can be arranged for most any group interested in learning more about emergency responders in the community. Remember to dress for the weather. This tour will take us outside for 10-15 minutes. There will be several opportunities for photographs in patrol cars and with police equipment. Parents are encouraged to come along with any children or siblings who may be interested. No power point is necessary.