Subdivision Review


Subdivision Review Process

The subdivision review process is intended to address the provision of basic public services and facilities, and ensure that a subdivision has adequate legal and physical access (streets, roads, or easements), police and fire protection, water and sewage disposal facilities, and solid waste disposal. The review process also is designed to ensure that if a subdivision causes negative impacts to the area where it is proposed that those impacts are mitigated before the subdivision is approved. As such, all subdivision proposals must undergo review as denoted in
(76-3-608 (3), MCA).

City of Billings Subdivision Regulations 
Yellowstone County Subdivision Regulations

Submitting a Subdivision Application for Review

The Yellowstone County Board of Planning, through the City-County Planning Division, administers the subdivision regulations for both the City of Billings and Yellowstone County. The Planning Division staff coordinates the review of subdivisions by affected departments and agencies, and provides recommendations on all subdivision proposals. Submittal Requirements

Types of Subdivisions (City and County)


Review Timelines and Fees

Subdivision Review Process Flow Chart

  Fee Schedule-City Applications

      Fee Schedule-County Applications