Subdivision Applications

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To better serve you, we are excited to roll out electronic submittal of all permits and projects. This includes certificate of surveys, subdivisions, and everything in-between! Citizen Access Online allows vendors with a current business license the convenience of viewing and  applying for Exempt Surveys, Subdivision Reviews, and Zoning Applications online, and paying fees with a credit card. This service is also available for one-time users.  All applications are to be submitted via the Citizen Access Portal at
To create your Account ID and  manage multiple projects and permits click here: Citizen Access Online

TECHNICAL SUPPORT Preferred Browsers: Chrome, Firefox
​E-mail: or call 406-657-8386.
For project related questions, contact the City of Billings Planning Division. Phone:406-247-8676

APPLICATION COMPLETENESS REVIEW:  Incomplete Applications will be placed on HOLD or REJECTED. All online applications must be deemed complete before any processing will take place by the Planning Division. 

 A complete application includes:

o Contact information for the property owner and agent and completed project attributes

o Uploaded pdf documents of items or exhibits pertaining to the corresponding project consistent with the State of Montana Subdivision and Platting Act, and the City of Billings and Yellowstone County Subdivision Regulations.

o Fee. The fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee the project will be granted.

o Tax receipt from the Yellowstone County Treasurer’s office for payment the 1st and 2nd halves of current the tax year is required for all exempt surveys and final plat applications.

Applications For Subdivision

  • There are no fillable or paper forms, the application information is added online. 
  • See Guide below for instructions.
  • All applications are submitted electronically


Project applications are assigned a project number and should be retained for tracking purposes. (PZX2-YR-XXXXX), and tied to a parcel location identifier.