Submittal Requirements

Planning Division Citizen Access Online Electronic Service
Planning staff has been working hard to adjust daily operations to meet the needs and demands of customers during this unprecedented time. Our staff is working daily answering phones, checking emails and processing plans and applications electronically. To better serve you, we are excited to roll out electronic submittal of all permits and projects. This includes fence permits, certificate of surveys, subdivisions, zone changes and everything in-between!   Citizen Access Online allows vendors with a current business license the convenience of viewing and applying for Exempt Surveys, Subdivision Reviews, and Zoning Applications online, and paying fees with a credit card. This service is also available for one-time users

Beginning Monday, April 4, 2020 all applications will need to be submitted via the Citizen Access Portal at  
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A City of Billings Business License is required for all City applications.
If you have questions during this transition or feedback related to how we can improve your experience, please call 406-247-8676 or send an email to

2019 City of Billings Subdivision Review Fees
2021 Yellowstone County Subdivision Review Fees

 1.  Schedule a Pre-Application Meeting

A Pre-application meeting with affected City and County Departments is required for all subdivisions to discuss the conceptual layout of a proposed subdivisions.  Pre-Application Meeting Requests are accepted by the Subdivision Coordinator and generally scheduled for Thursday afternoons. Pre-application Reviews expire 6 months following the Pre-application meeting date. 
--> Access your CITIZEN ACCESS account, complete the application process, and request a meeting date.  Planner Dave Green, will confirm the application, and the meeting date.
-->A review fee is required for City applications.  No review fee is required for the 1st application on a parcel. A review fee of $413 is applied for a secondary County appliciation. 
--> A project number will be assigned (PZX-YR-XXXXX). The Project Number is used for the project's entirety.
--> A signed Declaration and Signature Page is a required upload.

2.  Completeness and Sufficiency Review:

A Pre-application Completeness and Sufficiency Review is required for all preliminary plat submittals after the
pre-application meeting has occurred and the applicant has decided to move forward with a subdivision application.
-->Applications must be received (1) month prior to the actual submittal date of a Preliminary Plat Application. The Preliminary Plat  review fee is due at the time of this submittal.
-->Access your CITIZEN ACCESS account  "My Applications/Projects" with the PZX-YR-xxxxx project number. Upload (1) complete preliminary application packet and pay the Preliminary application review fee with a credit card.

 3.  Preliminary Plat Submittal: 

Once a preliminary plat submittal is deemed complete and sufficient, the applicant may submit for preliminary plat review at the next available deadline. (2020 plat review schedule) The preliminary plat is reviewed by staff for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the state and local jurisdiction. In addition, all preliminary plats are reviewed for conformance with local plans such as the Growth Policy, Unified Zoning Regulations, Transportation Plan, Billings Area Bikeway and Trail Master Plan, and neighborhood or community plans. **Conditionally Approved preliminary plats expire (3) years from the approval date. Access your CITIZEN ACCESS account "My Applications/Projects", and select the project with the assigned project number
PZX-YR-XXXXX.  Upload required submittal documents including the Property Owner Declaration and Signature page.

4a. Final "Check print " Plat Review Application Submittal

 Once a proposed subdivision has undergone preliminary plat review and has received approval or conditional approval from the governing body, a final plat must be reviewed. The final plat application represents the final stage of the subdivision review process. The review fee is due with this application. Final plats may be submitted at any time of the month. The application and submittal will be reviewed and routed by City and County Departments and returned to the surveyor for applicable corrections and preparation of the final mylar submittal for routing and recording at the Yellowstone County Clerk & Recorder's office. 

-->Apply online with CITIZEN ACCESS to access your account, "My Applications/Projects.  Select the project  with the assigned project number  PZX-YR-XXXXX. Upload the  CORRESPONDING DOCUMENTS   including the Property Owner Declaration and Signature Page.  Pay the Final Plat Review Fee via credit card. 

4b. Final Mylar Plat Application Submittal:

Final mylars are reviewed to ensure all documents are submitted in an acceptable format and routed for signatures. To ensure city plats reach the City Council at the earliest possible Council meeting date, applications must be submitted four (4) weeks in advance of the scheduled Council meeting. 

-->FINAL MYLAR(S), (2-mylars for City applications),(1-mylar for County)applications), signed by property owner and notarized by surveyor. HARD COPIES: SIGNED AND NOTARIZED CORRESPONDING DOCUMENTS 

-->CITIZEN ACCESS ONLINE RE-SUBMITTAL WITH UPLOADED CORRESPONDING PROJECT DOCUMENTS. Access your online account "My Applications/Projects".  Select the project with the assigned project number PZX-YR-xxxxx and upload the required Final Application documents.