Mayor's Committee


The Mayor’s Committee began meeting in June 2006 following Mayor Tussing’s charge to develop a 10-Year Plan to address the needs of the chronically homeless in Billings. The Mayor’s Committee includes representation from a broad stakeholder group including housing, service providers, civic and business leaders, economic and work force agencies, faith based and philanthropy groups, and other interested parties. Over 300 cities across the nation  committed to implementing 10-year plans to end chronic homelessness.The Mayor's Committee on Homelessness completed its work by the end of 2016.


The City of Billings Homeless Initiatives Legacy Booklet illustrates a few bright stars in a tremendous constellation of projects, programs and events that have impacted homelessness in the Billings community over a decade. While every effort was made to review the information contained in the booklet for accuracy and completeness, hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations have participated in the initiatives. The accomplishments of the entire Billings community are vast and immeasurable. Please forgive any errors or omissions.

Additional information on the Mayor's Committee on Homelessness, including an archive of agendas and minutes, can be found on the City's Boards and Commissions webpage.