Food Policy Council

What is a Food Policy Council?

A Food Policy Council brings together a diverse range of stakeholders (producers, food retailers, chefs, healthcare providers, service providers, policymakers, citizens, etc.) to discuss issues surrounding food including production, policies, and accessibility. Councils may evaluate what local food issues exist to identify gaps and determine the best means to attain a greater level of food security.

Billings Area Food Policy Council

Beginning in 2010, a Billings Area Food Policy Council (BAFPC) met monthly to collectively address issues relating to food security in Billings and neighboring communities.The BAFPC has created a novel network resulting in greater communication and coordination between stakeholders at a grassroots level to increase overall access to food in the community while promoting local food production (with an emphasis on organic growing methods). As of 2015, the BAFPC is no longer active.


Check out the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Access Research Atlas.