Development/Construction Requirements

Development/Construction Requirements

Subdivision & Development Requirements

All city and county subdivisions located within our response area are reviewed by staff to ensure the appropriate fire department access and water supply requirements are provided. The fire department is part of this review process from the initial pre-application stage to final plat approval. Private developments are reviewed as part of the master site plan review process or during the building permit plan review process.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection systems including fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and alternative automatic fire-extinguishing systems such as clean agent, foam, and carbon dioxide systems are required to be reviewed and approved by the fire prevention bureau. Construction documents and plans may be submitted as a delayed plan review for new and remodeled buildings. The fire department utilizes Fire Safety Consultants Incorporated (FSCI) a private consultant to assist with fire protection system plans review. Plans are submitted directly to their office and are returned to the fire marshal for final review and approval. Review fees are paid directly to FSCI by the submitting contractor or designer.

Building Plans Reviews

New commercial buildings, additions, and remodels including residential buildings constructed under the IBC are reviewed by the fire prevention bureau as part of the building permit plan review process. Plans are submitted directly to the building department and distributed to the fire department for review. For resubmittals, architects and contractors are to resubmit plans or provide a written response directly to the fire department plan reviewer.

Final Construction Inspections

Fire Prevention Bureau staff conduct final inspections for certificate of occupancy on all buildings that were reviewed and approved by the fire department. Final inspections for new construction, additions, and remodels need to be scheduled through the building department with a minimum of 24 hour notice. For buildings that contain fire protection systems additional inspection time needs to be set aside for system acceptance testing. All fire protection sub-contractors and related sub-contractors need to be on site during the final inspection.