Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)

The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force program is a nationwide initiative started in 1998 under the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention. By 2007, every state in the union had a funded Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force program.

The ICAC program helps state and local law enforcement officials work together to educate the public, investigate cases and arrest those who use computers to prey upon and exploit children. ICAC also encourages law enforcement agencies to work with prosecutors on holding these criminals responsible for their actions.
Their objectives are:

  -Properly investigate and prosecute those who sexually exploit children through the use of the internet and/or computers.
 -Provide training and equipment to those involved in investigating and prosecuting MTICACTF cases.
 -Provide community education regarding the prevention of internet crimes against children.

For more information you can visit the Montana ICAC Task Force facebook page.

To report online exploitation go to

For more information regarding education for online safety, visit It provides age-appropriate videos and activities to help teach children be safer online with the goal of helping children to become more aware of potential online risks.