Community Member Survey Highlights

A total of 3,512 community members responded to the Community Member Survey, generating a response rate of 10%. Of the community members who completed the survey, 1,464 identified as low-income Billings residents. Data highlights shown in the tabs below offer insight into the needs and gaps in services for low-income Billings residents.

  1. Community Impacts
  2. Access to Resources
  3. Stress & Mental Health

Analyses of the Coronavirus Community Member Survey indicate that low-income Billings residents report the greatest impacts of the pandemic have been Decreased Income and/or Lost Employment, a Lack of Food/Groceries, and difficulty Keeping Utility Payments Current. Nearly half of all low-income Billings resident respondents (48%) report experiencing No Impacts as a result of the pandemic.  


Highlights from the Service Provider Survey can be found by clicking here.