Floodplain Application Instructions

The procedure for building in the floodplain within the City of Billings is to submit a City of Billings Floodplain Permit Application Form and also submit a Joint Application to the State of Montana.
Link to instructions and City Floodplain Permit Application. Link to State of Montana for Joint Application. Click here to view City Municipal Code section 6-1600.

Index for FEMA Map Panels in City of Billings:
Panel 1235E
Panel 1240E
Panel 1245E
Panel 1255E
Panel 1260E
Panel 1270E
Panel 1280E
Panel 1285E
Panel 1290E
Panel 1435E
Panel 1455E
Panel 1460E

For FEMA maps to Yellowstone County go to: Floodplain Administration & Permits