BUILD Grant Update February 2021



BUILD Grant Update – February 12, 2021

The City of Billings was awarded a BUILD grant in September of 2020. To keep the City Council updated on activities and milestones, this update will be provided monthly. Information will be provided by the Public Works Engineering Division, Planning Division and City Administration.

  • Although the city was notified that BUILD funds were awarded, the first step is to complete an agreement between the City and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). As of today, the draft agreement has not been received by the City. Staff is looking to receive the draft agreement by April 2021. Once received, it could take several months to negotiate the final agreement and execute.
  • Although the City has not received the agreement as of yet, activities can still occur. The following activities are being completed by Engineering:
    1. Updating appraisals
    2. Completing design

Planning is working on setting up the numerous progress reports that will be required to administer the grant.

Next steps: Await the arrival of the Grant Agreement. Continue with securing appraisals and completing design work. Continue evaluating the necessary reporting forms.