DBA Trespass Enforcement Program

The purpose for the Trespass Enforcement Agreement is for after-hours businesses to utilize so the Billings Police Department can enforce trespassing and other misdemeanor crimes in the absence of the property owner or manager. This is not a program for private residences. 

Please read through the following information about the trespass program.
You can download a pdf form with information about the program (same as on this webpage).
Download the 
trespass program enrollment form (pdf file).

1. If you are present when you observe an individual who is on your property unlawfully, you ARE NOT REQUIRED to have a Trespass Enforcement Agreement form on file with the Billings Police Department. Upon observing an individual who is on your property unlawfully and it is not an emergency, you may call the non-emergency line at (406) 657-8200. Please dial 911 for life threatening emergencies only. Upon the arrival of the BPD, you may request a trespass warning be issued and the subject be escorted off of your property. 

2. If you would like the Billings Police Department to issue a no trespass warning or make an arrest in the absence of your presence, you ARE REQUIRED to fill out the Billings Police Department Trespass Enforcement Agreement form contained in this link. This form is your request and authorization for the BPD to enter the indicated property and enforce Montana Code Annotated § 45-6-203 or other misdemeanor crimes, without you being present. Please review the form carefully and fill out the applicable sections. Upon completion of the form, make a copy for yourself and provide the Billings Police Department with a copy.

3. It is highly recommended that “No Trespassing” and “No Loitering” signage be posted on your property.  

4. Any enforcement activity made on a property covered under the Trespass Enforcement Agreement program will be relayed to the business owner or their authorizing agent who filed the agreement form. This will be received by the listed phone number or email at the time of the incident. The date, time, case number, suspect name, and case circumstances will be given. If no one answers the listed phone number, a message will be left. 

5. This agreement lasts for one year from the date the form is submitted. Renewing the agreement is the responsibility of the business and its representatives. The business owner or authorized agents will be requested to cooperate fully in the prosecution of anyone arrested for a violation of any local or state law, including trespassing or vandalism on the property listed in the agreement.

6. Please return any completed forms to:
Billings Police Department at 220 N 27th St or by email at secretary2@billingsmt.gov