Fees for Senior Citizens

Sec. 4-435. - Fees.
(a) Dog/cat registration fees shall be prescribed by council resolution.

(b) Dog/cat registrations shall be issued by duly appointed registration agents, upon proof that the animal has a current rabies vaccination, and upon payment of an annual registration fee. Such registration shall expire on the last day of the month one (1) year from the month of issuance and shall become delinquent on the first day of the following month or shall expire when such rabies vaccination is no longer current, whichever comes first. Delinquent fees shall be prescribed by council resolution.

(c) Persons over sixty-five (65) years of age shall pay fifty (50) percent of the fees imposed under this section, but not less than one dollar ($1.00). Satisfactory proof of age shall be furnished to the registration authority, appointed registration agent, or city officials.

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