Performance Reports

Public Review Process

Following the implementation of the of the City's Annual Action Plan, the City reports on the results of activities carried out in the Comprehensive Annual Performance Evaluation Report 

The City of Billings held a public hearing on Monday, September 27, 2021 at 5:30 pm to obtain public comment on:  

  • CDBG and HOME Comprehensive Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) for the prior program year; and 
  • Current community needs to assist the Community Development Board in designing the application process for the upcoming program year, before the publication of the drafted Consolidated or Annual Action Plan. 

Federal regulations require the City to facilitate two public hearings, at different stages of the program year, to obtain residents' views and respond to questions. Together, the hearings address housing and community development needs, development of proposed activities, proposed strategies and actions for affirmatively furthering fair housing, and a review of program performance. The CAPER was open for public comment from September 11 through September 27, 2021.

Public Participation

  • Agenda Packet: Available for viewing on the City’s website Council Agendas.
  • Viewing the Meeting: The Public may view Council meetings on the Community 7 TV - Channel 7 or Channel 507 – Spectrum Cable. The Public may also view online at Community 7 TV and click on the Watch Live icon. Community 7 also has links to their Facebook page and YouTube channel in which to view the meeting. Meeting recordings are also available after the meeting for viewing online via the Community 7 TV website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. 
  • Public Participation: Verbal comments are taken only during the Public Comment periods as indicated on the agenda, and during the Public Hearings under the regular agenda. Written communication can be submitted anytime prior to or during the public comment period. 
    • In-Person: The public may attend the meeting in person at the Billings Public Library Community Room, 510 North Broadway.  
    • Telephone: The public may call 406.237.6196 (Montana Relay 711) in order to speak during specified Public Comment periods. All callers are placed in a queued system and are asked to remain on hold and be patient. Calls are taken in the order in which they are received. Callers are restricted to three minutes of testimony as is customary.
    • Email: Emails can be sent to the City Council before 3:00pm on the date of the Public Hearing at
    • Viewing Council Emails: All emails sent to the City Council can be viewed online at Council Emails. Emails received after 3:00pm and prior to 5:00pm, may be read during the meeting. 

Additional information regarding the public hearing can be obtained by contacting the Community Development office at 406-657-8286 (Montana Relay 711), or via email at or City Clerk at or by calling 406-657-8210. The public is always encouraged to participate via the following: 

  • Email comments to
  • Leave a voice mail message by calling 406.657.8286
  • Send a written letter to Community Development, P.O. Box 1178, Billings, MT 59103
  • Community Seven Television also provides the following options to view City Council meetings: 

Public Hearings are accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. Special arrangements for participation in public hearings by individuals with hearing, speech, or vision impairment may be made upon request at least three days prior to the hearing. Fair Housing Equal Opportunity. 


Prior Year Performance Reports


Additional reports, including the HUD Integrated Disbursement & Information System reports, are available by contacting the Community Development office: 

3825 3rd Avenue North, 6th Floor 

Billings, MT 59101 

Phone: 406.657.8281

TTY: 711