Public Information Office (PIO)

The Billings Police Department is committed to an open information policy with the news media and public that is consistent with state law, the need to maintain investigative security, protection of the privacy of individuals when appropriate, and the need to ensure due process. The BPD does not have a full time Public Information Officer (PIO) assigned solely to PIO activities. Instead, PIO duties are handled by the Administrative Lieutenant, who manages media inquiries, public education, and community relations for the department.


Active / Developing Incidents

Recent, active, or developing incidents are often posted on the BPD’s Twitter account. When pertinent and appropriate updates will be posted on Twitter as well. The BPD strives to make notifications on Twitter to notify the public of significant events events or crimes such as homicides, shootings, stabbings, robberies, serious injury fatal accidents, road closures, etc.  


Press Releases

In the event follow-up information or additional incident details are to be released, a formal press release will be emailed to the media.


Who To Call

During normal daily business hours, all media inquiries should by directed to the Administrative Lieutenant (406) 657-8439.


For recent, active, or developing incidents on weekends, nights, and holidays, please contact the shift commander (406) 657-8459. A shift commander can provide media with basic initial information on-scene if available. Please allow for time a shift commander to call you back or meet with you while on-scene.


Crimes and Arrests

The BPD follows Montana Code Annotated (MCA), Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM), and BPD Policy 10-9 Public Information when releasing information to the public.


The BPD Will Release

  • General description of type of incident
  • Location of offense
  • Date/Time incident
  • Name, age, home city (if known) of person(s) charged for a crime
  • Victim, age, home city (if known), if they were injured or not, & if they were transported
  • Incident disposition (under investigation, referred to prosecutor, case closed, etc.)

The BPD Will Not Release

  • Investigative details or confidential criminal justice information
  • Name(s), address(es), of accused, but charged in an incident
  • Victim(s) or witness(es) name or address
  • Any follow up investigation results
  • Injured medical status, condition, severity, or hospital location
  • Race, unless it is pertinent and relevant to the incident

Additional Information

  • May be obtained from charging documents in the respective court system
  • May also be obtained through a request for public information found HERE
  • Cause of death and name of deceased are typically released by Yellowstone County Coroner
  • Booking photos are available through the Yellowstone County Sheriff