Annexation is the process by which land within Yellowstone County becomes incorporated into the City of Billings. Generally, annexation is requested by a property owner in order to receive the City’s services, such as City water, sanitary sewer, solid waste, police, and fire services.

Montana State Statutes (7-2-4210 through 7-2-4761, MCA) establish the methods and processes by which municipalities can annex surrounding properties, but also give municipalities discretionary authority whether or not to annex property, as long as statutes are followed.

Annexation Policy

The City of Billings has adopted an annexation policy to evaluate potential annexations. The primary intent of the policy is to permit the annexation of land so as to provide for:

  • Orderly growth
  • Adequate provision of municipal services
  • Equal benefits to both the annexed territory and the existing City properties.

As part of the annexation policy, a map called the Limits of Annexation Map provides a visual aid showing a potential timeline for City support of annexation of properties. This map is updated annually.

Petitioning For Annexation

The owner or owners of 50% or more of the real property in the area to be annexed may submit a written petition to the City for annexation. The submittal of the petition form, required attachments and processing fee initiates the review of the annexation request. However, it is important to discuss with City staff potential public improvements that may be required upon annexation prior to submitting a petition.