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BPD Internship Application

    PO Box 1554
    Billings MT 59103

  2. References
    Please list three references (only one may be related to you)
  3. Have you ever been arrested and/or convicted of a crime?
  4. 1. As an applicant for a volunteer position with the City of Billings Police Department, I hereby expressly authorize release of any information you, as a reference, may have concerning me, including information of a confidential or privileged nature. I hereby release any organization, company, institution or person furnishing the information requested. I authorize the use of duplicated copies of this document to serve as the original.
  5. 2. For the purpose of in-house security, I consent to a criminal history check and background investigation prior to employment.
  6. 3. I certify that the foregoing answers, and all supplement documents, are correct and that false information may result in denial and/or dismissal. If offered a volunteer position, I will abide by the City’s Policies, Practices and Procedures.
  7. The City of Billings Police Department reserves the right to refuse services based on objective criteria other than the following: gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and familial status.
  8. By typing your name here, you consent to the above conditions of this application.
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