How did we get to this point? How did we decide on the design and location?

A feasibility study was completed in 2019 that reviewed location options as well as provided financial estimates on a number of configurations. 

That study was further refined in a master plan that City Council adopted in 2022. 

The location by Amend Park is strategic due to its central location and ease of access. 

Locating it in the South Billings Urban Renewal Area also enables us to tap into approximatley $25 million worth of tax increment financing.

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1. How much is this going to cost? Will the entire increase come this year? Is it permanent?
2. Why were these specific parks selected? Don't we have other parks that need help?
3. When will construction start? Which projects will be built first? How long will it take to build everything?
4. Who is going to make the decisions on what gets built and what doesn't when budgets get tight? What happens when projects go over budget?
5. When the rec center or some other project goes over budget, what will stop them from taking budget away from my park to pay for it?
6. How will we pay to operate and maintain all these improved parks and trails?
7. Why don't you just get donations for all these projects instead of asking taxpayers to foot the bill?
8. How will donations, grants, and other revenues offset what I have to pay?
9. What happens if we don't get enough donations? What happens if we beat the goal?
10. Why do we always have to pay for these things through property taxes?
11. Didn't we already pay for a permanent levy to pay for parks?
12. With the huge increase in taxes this year, why doesn't the City just pay for these projects out of that?
13. Isn't the rec center going to lose money which taxpayers will just have to pay for?
14. How did we get to this point? How did we decide on the design and location?
15. Who is going to run the rec center?
16. Will I have to pay to use the rec center once it's built? What will the fees be?
17. Will the rec center be available for everyone to use or will it be constantly booked up by sports leagues?
18. I want to support the parks but not the rec center. Why can't we have separate votes on the parks and the rec center?