Why can't I get a direct flight from Billings Logan International Airport to the city of my choice, say San Diego?
In 1978, the airline industry was deregulated and many of the airlines went to a more efficient method of doing business. Most established a routing method using a "hub and spoke" strategy, using key cities as hubs where all the flights converged from the smaller airports or the spokes. This method allows customers to reach the widest possible choice of destinations with only one transfer and utilizes the airline's equipment in a more productive way. On a given day, several hundred people want or need to fly out of Billings, however, only a few may actually want to go to your destination choice of San Diego. Imagine the number of planes that would need to be flown into and out of Billings if each was a nonstop flight to all of the major cities in our country. Using the hub and spoke method the airlines can load one plane with Billings residents who are going to many destinations and fly them to a hub city where they can all transfer to a new plane going to the destination of their choice together with other people from other cities who have been flown to that same hub to also go to the city of their choice.

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12. Why can't I get a direct flight from Billings Logan International Airport to the city of my choice, say San Diego?
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