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Posted on: September 14, 2023

FAA installs weather cameras at Billings Logan International Airport

FAA cams

Weather cameras installed at Billings Logan International Airport by the Federal Aviation Administration are now live and available for the public to view. 

They can be viewed by clicking here

The cameras offer northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest views from the airport. 

Visitors to the page can also view a time-lapse spanning about five hours from each camera.

FAA page

The weather camera program is part of a national project by the FAA.

It allows pilots to view near real-time weather along their flying route. The cameras update roughly every 10 minutes. 

City of Billings Director of Aviation and Transit Jeff Roach also encourages the public to utilize the cameras, calling it a "tremendous resource."   

The FAA Weather Camera Program owns and maintains more than 230 camera systems in Alaska and Hawaii. They also host images at 280 sites in Colorado, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Utah and across Canada.