Housing Authority

  • 12 noon
  • Last Wednesday of the month
  • 2415 1st Ave. N.
  • 5 At-Large Commissioners, 5-year term
  • 2 HAB Resident Commissioners, 2-year term
  • HomeFront Housing Authority Board of Commission Description here

Agendas & Minutes

There are currently no agendas or minutes available online. For more information, contact the HomeFront CEO at (406)237-1916 or  pattiw@homefrontpartners.org

If you are interested in applying for the Housing Authority you can download an application.
Hannah Reno - Vice-Chair
(Unexpired term of Robert Waller)
Term expires 12/31/23


(Unexpired term of Carol Burton)
Term expires 12/31/23

Tom Boos - Chair

First term expires 12/31/25

Edward Hammer

First term expires 12/31/26

Tafuna Tusi

(Unexpired term of Michael Samson)
Term expires12/31/24

Phyllis Crawford - Resident Commissioner

First term expires 12/31/24

M. Gale Stott - Resident Commissioner

(Unexpired term of Sheri Herman)
Term expires 12/31/23

State Law: MCA 7-15-4431
An Authority consists of seven commissioners appointed by the Mayor and he shall designate the first chairman. A commissioner may not be a City official. Two of the commissioners must be tenants of the housing authority; one tenant shall represent family tenants; and one tenant shall represent elderly and handicapped tenants. The commissioners who are first appointed . . . the term of office is 5 years. The tenant commissioners who are first appointed shall serve . . . 2 years and a commissioner shall hold office until his successor has been appointed and qualified.

An Authority shall have the power to:
(1) determine where unsafe or unsanitary dwelling or housing conditions exist;
(2) study and make recommendations concerning the plan of any City or municipality located within its boundaries . . .;
(3) prepare, carry out and operate housing projects;
(4) provide for the construction, reconstruction, improvement, alteration, or repair of any housing project or any part thereof;
(5) take over by purchase, lease, or otherwise any housing project located within its boundaries undertaken by any government;
(6) act as agent for the federal government in connection with the acquisition, construction, operation, and/or management of a housing project or any part thereof;
(7) arrange with any City or municipality located in whole or in part within its boundaries for the furnishing, planning, replanning, installing, opening, or closing of streets, options, or property rights or for the furnishing of property or services in connection with a project;
(8) lease or rent any of the dwelling or other accommodations or any of the lands, buildings, structures, or facilities embraced in any housing project and to establish and revise the rents or charges therefore.